Social Media Management

Having a presence on social media is crucial to business success in this digital world we live in. And there are so many different strategies to tackling the need of social media. Some businesses just need something going out to help the success of their paid ads. Other businesses only use organic marketing through social media, so need a much more intensive social media strategy. 

We’ve got packages that cater to both these needs, as well as those businesses that sit in the middle. 

Package 1

€800+ GST /month

Package 2

€1,200+ GST /month

Package 3

€3,500+ GST /month

With whichever package you think works best for your business, we make sure we’re meeting your social media management needs. With a monthly planning session, we can understand your goals for that month, any important dates you want recognized, content that you want to include and anything else you may want us to consider each month. 

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to jump straight in, please give us as much detail as you can about your business, its name, industry, social links, current strategy, ideas and anything else you think we should know. 

You can also use this form to ask us some questions about the service, or let us know if you need the package tweaked a bit to fit in with your individual needs.

We know every business needs something unique to them, so please do reach out to let us know exactly what you need so we can come back to you with a great price.