Performance Audit

For businesses that have their website set up and marketing strategies in place, but want to know why they aren’t converting as well as they had hoped.

We go through your website, strategy and campaigns with a fine tooth comb and give a detailed report on the areas you can improve. We cover things like design, structure, targeting, SEO, copywriting, funnels and more.

You’ll be left with a detailed report and instructions on how you can improve your business performance. This is a ‘love us and leave us’ service, meaning that once we’re done, you won’t hear from us again unless you want to engage us for anything else.


$1,000 + GST

Time Frame

1 Week

Payment Terms

50% upfront
50% on completion

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to jump straight in, please give us as much detail as you can about your business, its name, industry, website, strategy, campaign details and anything else you think we should know. 

You can also use this form to ask us some questions about the service, or let us know if you need the package tweaked a bit to fit in with your individual needs.


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