DIY Marketing Course

For Anti-Capitalist Businesses

Despite what you see all over social media, you don’t need to be making over $30k a month by the age of 25 to be ‘successful’. Your business obviously needs to be profitable, but that can be done sustainably without using exploitative marketing techniques or completely burning you out. 

Marketing isn’t just about paid ads. For marketing to really work, you need to take a holistic approach. Because everything is intertwined and it all contributes to the results.

This course is designed to give you a practical guide on how you can do all the basics as best as possible to start getting customers/clients. The goal isn’t to turn you into a marketing expert, but get you profitable enough that you can hire your own marketing expert, so you can focus back on your business. 

With 12 lessons delivered over the course of six months, this course is ideal for people looking to make income from their business before leaving their job, so they can make the transition with more stability.

Take a Holistic Approach to Marketing & Learn How To

DIY Marketing Course Overview

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Set your business goals, and lay out a plan to help you reach them.

Includes templates and automatic calculations to make it as simple as possible.

Learn how to define your value proposition, and how that informs your target audience and audience personas. Understanding this will help you speak directly to people who want your product/service when you advertise.

Comes with our own target audience template to help you understand how to define yours, resources, and a step-by-step guide.

Guidance on setting your full branding suite including color schemes, fonts, tone of voice, logo suite etc. 

Comes with our own branding stylebook to help you complete yours like a professional, resources and checklists.

Everything you need to know about starting your website including hosting, design, development, platforms etc. 

Includes checklists, resources and step-by-step guides.

Complete guidance on the technical aspect of integrations like how to install a meta pixel, as well as guidance on what integrations are important, what can wait, and what is completely optional. 

Includes step-by-step guides resources, and detailed instructional video.

Understand different stages of a sales funnel to help you set marketing strategies that will work for you. 

Includes templates and resources. 

Create your very first simple and effective marketing strategy to help you reach your goals. 

Includes templates, calculators, spreadsheets, checklists and more.

You don't need to spend your life on social media to grow your business! You don't even need to post every day. We take a very different approach to social media and will teach you how to work with it in an anti-capitalist way. 

Includes style guides, content guides  & checklists.

Learn how to set up and integrate email automations, and what kind of information is helpful to share, and where the line is for spam. 

Includes step-by-step guides and resources. 

Learn how to create eye-catching and informative creatives that appeal to your target audience. 

Includes step-by-step guides, resources and checklists. 

Learn how to set up and run ads, including picking your platform, writing copy, and working to your budget. 

Includes detailed step-by-step guides, checklists, resources, templates and more.

Learn how to track and analyse your ad performance so you can keep improving. 

Includes calculators, step-by-step guides and templates. 

The Next Cohort Starts in September!

Our next cohort starts on the 18th of September and costs 6 monthly payments of €400. We hold a place in each cohort with different payment options for those who need the course but need alternative methods of payment. 

If you want to join a group of businesses growing slowly and ethically, get practical lessons and helpful step-by-step guides, we would love to have you!

Meet Your Mentor - Ayla

Hey there! I’m Ayla, the founder of Booming Businesses International and a passionate Anti-Capitalist. I started Booming Businesses out of frustration with capitalism, seeing how much marketing agencies were charging clients and how little they were paying the freelancers doing the work. 

To me, anti-capitalism is all about living a healthier lifestyle. Not working excessive hours, obsessing over or comparing myself to others’ success, earning a healthy income and denouncing manipulative marketing techniques.

I love helping businesses that want to grow slowly, sustainably and ethically and I truly believe that we need more businesses out there that focus on these things!

I’ve created a video that talks about DIY marketing the anti-capitalist way (warning it’s about 45 mins long) that gives you a good idea of my approach and what you’ll be getting in the course.

If your vibe aligns with mine, I would love to have you as a future alumni!

See what others have to say about working with Ayla

So glad I met Ayla and her team at bb!

Two years ago I decided to Become a Certified Health & Life Coach, in order to Launch into Business I needed Digital Marketing help, I hired an expert that would provide me with everything I needed to jump start my Biz into the next great thing. Well that didn't happen.

Like many coaches that go down the line of Digital Marketing to help their business, I started investing in programs to become more knowledgeable, and totally lose the reason why I started my Coaching Biz in the first place. Doing the Digital Marketing consumes so much time that now I don't know if I rather do that than coaching. I Burned Out!

Just when I decided to pause and re think my purpose, I meet Ayla at Booming Businesses, honestly is exactly what I had been looking for, but now I'm not ready to jump start my Coaching Biz.

What impressed me the most is that I shared my concerns with bb, and they where very supportive and did not pushed me to hire them now, like others that don't take No for an answer. I can say that talks very highly of their Business Moral Values, they are really in it to help small businesses get started and not step on them.

They offer all you need about Digital Marketing to jump start your small business or the services and support to take your already stablished business to the next level. You get to choose if you want a Done All For You or just the support and expertise in specific fields, they are very professional and trustworthy, I highly recommend them. BB definitely is my go to Online Marketing and if I decide to Launch my Coaching Biz to the next level, I will certainly hand over all the Digital Marketing to Booming Businesses while I concentrate on helping and coaching my clients.

Yessenia Balderas

Thank you so much for teaching me about my mistakes that were slowing down my business. These professionals are up to date keeping up with insights of web business. I have learned so much and so fast. I highly recommend to give it a try, it’s guaranteed to be beneficial for your business! They guide you like no one else! Your business will grow! 

Lucie Jelinkova

Good consultation, good service at a reasonable price.
Ayla understood my business needs very quickly and helped me develop my design ideas. She has a lot of ideas, gives good advice and made sure that everything looks coherent, modern and fits well to my company. She responds quickly to any questions asked and is very client-oriented. I would recommend Booming Businesses anytime.

Steffi Mieth

Amazing digital marketing company with a very professional and knowledgeable staff.
I was impressed by their social media strategy and their business branding tips.
I highly recommend them and thank them for their help and support!

Pelagia Komni

Join the cohort that works for you!

We have an upcoming cohort starting the 18th of September, and will have more before the end of the year.

Each cohort costs 6 monthly payments of €400. We hold a place in each cohort with different payment options for those who need the course but need alternative methods of payment. 

If you want to join a group of businesses growing slowly and ethically, get practical lessons and helpful step-by-step guides, we would love to have you!

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