Business Support

Monthly Website Management

So you’ve got yourself all set up with a website that looks a million bucks and you’ve got big plans for it. But you’ve got no business support and way too much on your hands to spend time trying to navigate the back end of a website when you need to make a post or fix something. So here you’ve got two options. Hire an expensive new staff member to do it for you, or outsource to a professional for much cheaper. You don’t need to worry about your content getting shared to your website, handling the SEO maze on your own, or stress when a bug pops up. We are here to do that for you at a very cheap monthly cost!

Website Audit

Are you getting a bunch of traffic through your website, but you aren’t converting many clients? Or worse, no one is visiting your site at all! Well, we are here to help with easy business support. There are so many reasons that could be impacting the success of your website. One of them of course is if your website has been correctly and thoroughly optimized for search engines. And another is the experience your users have when they land on your page. If you have the wrong color scheme or hard to read content, you could be driving away clients before they even see what you have to offer! With professional business support and a detailed website audit, you don’t need to guess at what’s going wrong. We will give you a detailed report on the stand out issues are and give advice on how we can fix them.

Annual Goal Setting

If your business doesn’t have set goals, you’re just swinging a bat and hoping for the best. With a set of clear milestones and professional business support and advice, we are able to set a plan to get you there. Our goal is to see your business start dominating. And we can help by setting your clear goals and targets based off where you are, and where you want to be. This can incorporate a marketing strategy, business growth plan and sales targets. But if you don’t know what your goals are, how can you reach them?


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Monthly Management

$ 500
  • Bug fixes
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Content tweaking
  • Up to 10 posts per month

Website Audit

$ 800
  • Visual Desing
  • User Experience
  • Functional Elements
  • SEO Checks
  • Detailed Report on issues
  • Plan & cost to rectify

Annual Goal Setting

$ 2,500
  • Business Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Milestone setting
  • Service Revision
  • Target Audience refining
  • Marketing Plan