Boss Biz

This package is for startups that want to launch the best version of their business possible. In the Boss Biz package you will get everything included below, plus a bunch of extra tips and tricks from our marketing experts to help you launch your business with success.

With the Boss Biz package, you ensure that your business launches with it’s best face forward. We work with you to make your vision come to life, take your creative direction as well as provide our professional guidance and make it fit into best practices. 

Our entire goal is to give your business the best chance at success with the budget you have to work with. We do this job with love, which means we’re going to be giving you a bunch of free advice because we really WANT you to succeed.


€13,000 + GST

Time Frame

6-9 Weeks

Payment Terms

50% upfront
50% on completion

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to jump straight in, please give us as much detail as you can about your business, its name, industry, logo ideas, colour scheme ideas and anything else you think we should know. 

You can also use this form to ask us some questions about the service, or let us know if you need the package tweaked a bit to fit in with your individual needs.

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