About Us

Booming Businesses primarily create websites for businesses, but we do it a little differently. We aren’t a digital marketing agency out here to produce the biggest and best websites the world has ever seen. Most businesses don’t need that, or the costs that go along with them! And we understand that. So we are here to help businesses with effective and affordable marketing strategies. 

Whether that be to create a small business website that shares their vision, or get more traffic and exposure. Our website designs and marketing strategies are sure to impress your clients, without breaking the bank. We have team members based in 6 different continents, all working together to provide our clients beautiful and affordable marketing strategies. Each of them designed to wow their clients and attract more business.

Our whole business model is arranged around providing the best looking and high performing websites and marketing strategies that you can get for a reasonable price. We want to make it possible for small businesses to actually get the affordable marketing and websites they need. Which is why the pricing for our website is only ever going to be between $2,000 to $10,000.

We can make you something pretty flashy for $10,000, but that’s not what most of our clients are going for. They just want someone who will listen to what they want, and not try to fit their business into one box or cookie-cutter template. Don’t get us wrong, we also create beautiful websites for $2,000. Don’t worry, we don’t do ugly websites. With our detailed market research specific to you, we can let you know exactly what you need to get a league above your competitors and start dominating your industry.

To be able to provide affordable marketing, we take a very different approach to business. For one, we all work remotely, which means no physical office, large overheads or big carbon footprint. The second is that we aren’t here to make a big profit. We are here because we saw an issue with businesses not being able to afford marketing, or being too scared of taking the leap.  

By taking the time to understand our client’s business, we can provide them with something unique that represents their vision, and sets them apart from their competitors. We want to know our clients, just as we want them to know us. We make sure our clients have a marketing strategy that suits them. Whether that be a website, business branding, social media marketing, business branding, content marketing or business consulting so they can implement their own marketing strategies. 

We are really passionate about what we do and love getting involved with each business. There is no way that we would be able to do this well if we didn’t have that passion. And the odd drop of alcohol every now and then doesn’t go astray. 

When you want affordable marketing strategies and a business website that reflects who you truly are as a business, Booming Businesses is the team for you. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to get started.

A website and professional business marketing are so important for a business to start growing. If not just to give you legitimacy and get you discovered by a wider audience, but to also increase your sales and let your clients know who you are. Marketing lets you showcase what you’re all about and why you are so passionate about your industry. Relatability plays a huge part in a clients willingness to commit to a business.

A staggering number of small businesses aren’t on the internet (around 46%). And there is a direct relation to the number of small businesses that fail in the first five years (approximately 45%). Well, we believe that’s a big problem. And we know that one of the biggest stumbling blocks is the ludicrous cost of websites these days. 

WebFX released in July 2020 that the average upfront cost of a website is between $12,000 to $150,000. We hope you were sitting down for that! While that’s ok if you’ve got a bunch of money behind you or can get a loan to boost your business, that isn’t a possibility for everyone. 

Booming Businesses created a digital marketing agency designed to level the playing field. We are here to help the businesses that are already at a financial disadvantage, with affordable marketing solutions. Our aim is to help the disadvantaged 45 % of small businesses likely to fail. Because we are sure they’ve got great ideas. They just need to have the right business marketing team behind them that understand they aren’t a bottomless pit of money.

We work with and for all businesses, because we know that everyone needs affordable marketing to reach their target audience. It could be a small retailer who makes candles in her spare room, to a team of 10 electricians servicing the main city. Our dream is to help you realize your potential and start dominating your industry. Which all starts with getting yourself in the world’s most visible place, the internet!

In today’s digital world, people are going to pick up their cell phones and do a google search when they need local services. Which is why internet marketing is the number one most vital area of business marketing you must to focus on. A website is almost always the first stop, which is why you need to reach the top page of a google search and have an impressive website to back it up.  

You could be a small retailer, salon owner, online services provider, dentist, tradesperson, interior designer. If your business isn’t on the internet, your potential clients are finding your competitors instead. And we want to help you flip that, to turn you into the go-to business. And by doing that, bumping your business up into the small businesses that are likely to succeed!

Professional help goes a long way when you are trying to get business growth. And there are so many digital marketing agencies out there. All selling the dream of what a website and professional business marketing can do for your business. And it’s true. A website will boost your credibility and your income drastically. And business marketing will get you the exposure you need to reach more people. 

But choosing the right digital marketing company makes a big difference in just how much your business will stand out. Booming Businesses excel in a few areas of business marketing. Our custom designs for each website, our commitment to understanding your vision, and of course our super affordable marketing pricing.

Why Choose Booming Businesses?


Booming Businesses believe the best approach for any business, is to focus on what makes them special. We showcase what makes businesses different by telling a story through a custom design. This is your selling point and helps you stand out.


We are a real business, made up of real people. Our team are located in 6 continents, having banded together with our strongest skills and love for travel. Our job is to help other real business people all over the world reach their business goals.


We know that as a new business, you don’t have endless cash to throw around. A website is one of those things that will make you more, but you need to invest in it. That’s why we offer some of the best looking affordable websites around.