About Booming Businesses

Welcome to Booming Businesses International! We were born out of frustration and passion. Our founder used to work as a marketing freelancer and got incredibly frustrated seeing how much the agencies were charging clients, and how little they were paying freelancers. This was enough for her to band together a team who could do it all with passion, and charge a fraction of what big agencies charge.

Meet Our Founder

Ayla is our founder, author and serial entrepreneur. Her quirky attitude, anti-capitalist mindset, and ‘you have to be different to be remembered’ motto is what make Booming Businesses the success it is today.

She’s incredibly passionate about helping businesses grow in the sustainability and social justice sectors. Ayla believes the world needs more of these businesses, and that they need affordable options to help them grow without compromising on quality. 

Aside from founding Booming Businesses International, Ayla has also founded two other businesses. One of them is a sustainable jewellery line, taking plastic out of fashion and using an algae-based clay she developed herself instead. And the other she has co-founded in the social justice space. This one is all about giving Black and LatinX entrepreneurs the advantage they deserve.

She uses her marketing expertise to make these businesses thrive, and wants to help others do the same. Not only is she well-versed in what it takes to get a business to succeed in the marketing space, but she also knows what it takes from a business and organisational view. She loves sharing her knowledge with others and wants to mentor as many ethical entrepreneurs as she can, because their success makes her genuinely happy.

Do you want to be mentored by Ayla?

Ayla offers mentorship services to help you grow your own business!